1. About: Project GreenCampus Top ↑

    Three Harvard students started Project GreenCampus to:

    (1) Help Harvard meet its Greenhouse Gas Reduction and other sustainability goals.
    (2) Empower students and staff who want to pursue sustainability on the campus.
    (3) Connect alumni, especially young alumni, to the school and the student body.
    (4) Help tell Harvard’s sustainability story.

    In 2012, Seth and Sachin were both studying different aspects of environmental issues. They got together over a long weekend to discuss different strategies to tackle sustainability. They found that a core issue was connecting sustainability opportunities to those best able and most interested to help.

    This was true right where we were, at Harvard. Harvard, like many other universities, set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals after a broad student-driven effort. Harvard wants to reduce its emissions 30% from a 2006 baseline by 2016, even with new additions . They have also put together a stellar team of passionate students and graduates to create its Office of Sustainability. Nonetheless, it may not be enough to make its 2016 goal. Alumni and other parts of the Harvard community are well-positioned to help, if there existed a way to help Harvard share its opportunities and successes. Seth, Sachin, and Nick, who joined us later, believed that by creating a platform to connect alumni, students and staff around Harvard sustainability projects, we could find innovative ways to encourage participation in the school’s future.

  2. About: Our Pilot Top ↑

    After months of discussions, over 40 meetings with campus staff and students, and hours of work in developing the website, we are finally ready to pilot our platform with a 1-2 interesting pilot projects that have a clear green benefit! We want to find out if Harvard’s alumni and supporters want to help their alma maters go green, prefer platforms that engage them visually and offer them unique rewards for donating, and if this model can have an impact.

    We have been supported throughout this time by students, staff and faculty at the university. Our business was even a semi-finalist in the Harvard i3 innovation competition!

    The potential of Project GreenCampus to increase Harvard’s green footprint and engage students, staff and alumni in new ways is enormous! Please contribute to the pilot! Even $1 makes a difference, and lets Harvard know you care about this!

  3. About: The Future Top ↑

    We don’t know where this will go. We have lots of ideas though. Project GreenCampus can be a growing archive of all of Harvard’s individual sustainability stories - each project the university has undertaken has a narrative behind it about the students, staff, and place involved. Students can learn from past projects how to get involved and alumni can track the progress of what they donated to. We can help connect donors with similar interests, such as those who backed the same project, through LinkedIn and Facebook integration. We want to create metrics that track how each donation helps Harvard come closer to its sustainability goals. There is a lot of potential, but it can only happen if you can help support our pilot project!